HUMATE-P simplifies dosing
for convenient VWD therapy

simplifies dosing for convenient VWD therapy

The average VWF:RCo to FVIII ratio is 2.4 to 1

HUMATE-P can successfully achieve therapeutic levels of VWF without raising FVIII to supernormal levels.

HUMATE-P is approved to treat bleeding episodes and to prevent excessive bleeding during and after surgery.

For bleeding episodes, administer 40–80 IU VWF:RCo per kg body weight every 8–12 hours

Blood drop

Surgical dosing differs by type of surgery (i.e., major, minor) and should be customized to patient need according to baseline and target levels of VWF:RCo and FVIII. Our Surgical Dosing Calculator simplifies individualized therapy for surgery patients

In emergency surgery situations, administer a loading dose of 50 to 60 International Units (IU) VWF:RCo/kg body weight and, subsequently, closely monitor the patient’s trough coagulation factor levels

Please see Dosage and Administration in the full Prescribing Information

Calculate the correct
HUMATE-P loading dose

Make individualized HUMATE-P dosing fast, easy, and convenient

This calculator determines the correct HUMATE-P loading dose (measured in VWF:RCo units) needed to achieve the desired increase in circulating VWF, as defined in the product prescribing information. (For guidance on loading dose recommendations, please refer to Table 3 of the full prescribing information). All subsequent doses should be based on patient response and measured levels of VWF:RCo and FVIII.

These calculations are to be used only with HUMATE-P and are applicable for VWF:RCo loading dose calculations for preventing excessive bleeding during and after surgery for all types of VWD.

Dosage Formula

[TL (IU/dL) - BL (IU/dL)] x BW (kg)


= VWF:RCo units required

Dosage Calculation Example

[100 (IU/dL) - 44 (IU/dL)] x 85 (kg)

2.0 (IU/dL)/(IU/kg)

= 2380 VWF:RCo units required

Enter patient’s body weight
Enter the patient’s baseline level
(BL) of VWF:RCo (measured as VWF:RCo/dL)
Select the surgery type
Enter the patient’s target level
(TL) of VWF:RCo (measured as IU VWF:RCo/dL)
Enter the patient’s in vivo recovery (IVR)
If IVR is unknown, 2 IU/dL will be used as the default per the dosage instructions in the product prescribing information.


International Units (IU) VWF:RCo units.

This calculation was based on a default IVR value of 2.0.

VWF:RCo and FVIII content identified and labeled for prescribing precision

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HUMATE-P has a high VWF:FVIII ratio to achieve therapeutic levels of VWF without raising FVIII to supernormal levels.

HUMATE-P is available in a range of vial sizes for convenient dosing, transportation, and storage




NDC number

600 IU

250 IU

5 mL


1200 IU

500 IU

10 mL


2400 IU

1000 IU

15 mL


Help your patients learn to self-infuse HUMATE-P

Learning to self-infuse HUMATE-P can help your patients manage their bleeding disorder better. Please take a few moments to watch the video, and soon you will be able to assist your patients with self-infusion. The video below demonstrates the 6 simple steps to self-infuse HUMATE-P using the Mix2Vial® device.

Mix2Vial® simplifies HUMATE-P reconstitution

For healthcare professionals and patients, the Mix2Vial is efficient and convenient.

The Mix2Vial device:

  • Can help prevent needle-stick injuries
  • May shorten preparation time for HUMATE-P infusions
  • Includes a built-in filter

View a video demonstration on how to self-infuse with HUMATE-P using the Mix2Vial.

Instructions for reconstituting HUMATE-P using Mix2Vial®

HUMATE-P should be prepared and administered at room temperature using aseptic technique.

For reconstitution, be sure to use:

Either the Mix2Vial filter transfer set provided with HUMATE-P or a commercially available double-ended needle and vented filter spike

Plastic disposable syringes (protein solutions like HUMATE-P tend to adhere to the ground glass surface of all-glass syringes)

Step 1 OF 12

Ensure that the HUMATE-P vial and diluent vial are at room temperature.

HUMATE-P dosing packaging

UP TO 25ºc [77ºf]

Step 2 OF 12

Place the HUMATE-P vial, diluent vial, and Mix2Vial transfer set on a flat surface.

HUMATE-P dosing packaging

Step 3 OF 12

Remove the HUMATE-P and diluent vial flip caps. Wipe the stoppers with an alcohol swab. Allow the stoppers to dry prior to opening the Mix2Vial transfer set package.

HUMATE-P and diluent vials with alcohol swab

Step 4 OF 12

Open the Mix2Vial transfer set package by peeling away the lid. Leave the Mix2Vial transfer set in the clear package.

Vial transfer packaging

Step 5 OF 12

Place the diluent vial on a flat surface and hold the vial tightly. Grip the Mix2Vial transfer set together with the clear package and push the plastic spike at the blue end of the Mix2Vial transfer set firmly through the center of the stopper of the diluent vial.

HUMATE-P Transfer set

Step 6 OF 12

Carefully remove the clear package from the Mix2Vial transfer set. Make sure that you pull up only the clear package and not the Mix2Vial transfer set.

HUMATE-P Transfer set removal

Step 7 OF 12

With the HUMATE-P vial placed firmly on a flat surface, invert the diluent vial with the Mix2Vial transfer set attached and push the plastic spike of the transparent adapter firmly through the center of the stopper of the HUMATE-P vial. The diluent will automatically transfer into the HUMATE-P vial.

Diluent transfer to HUMATE-P vial

Step 8 OF 12

With the diluent and HUMATE-P vial still attached to the Mix2Vial transfer set, gently swirl the HUMATE-P vial to ensure the HUMATE-P is fully dissolved. Do not shake the vial.

Swirling HUMATE-P transfer set

Step 9 OF 12

With one hand, grasp the HUMATE-P side of the Mix2Vial transfer set, and with the other hand grasp the blue diluent-side of the Mix2Vial transfer set. Then, unscrew the set into two pieces.

Unscrew transfer set

Step 10 OF 12

Draw air into an empty, sterile syringe. While the HUMATE-P vial is upright, screw the syringe to the Mix2Vial transfer set. Inject air into the HUMATE-P vial. While keeping the syringe plunger pressed, invert the system upside down and draw the concentrate into the syringe by pulling the plunger back slowly.

Draw HUMATE-P into sterile syringe

Step 11 OF 12

Now that the concentrate has been transferred into the syringe, firmly grasp the barrel of the syringe (keeping the syringe plunger facing down) and unscrew the syringe from the Mix2Vial transfer set. Attach the syringe to a suitable intravenous administration set.

Unscrew the transfer set from the syringe

Step 12 OF 12

If patient requires more than one vial, pool the contents of multiple vials into one syringe. Use a separate unused Mix2Vial for each product vial.

multiple HUMATE-P vials and multiple Mix2Vials, and one syringe

For additional information, please see full Prescribing Information

Image of HUMATE-P vial and diluent

Room temperature storage fits your needs

When stored at room temperature (up to 25°C [77°F]), HUMATE-P is stable for 36 months up to the expiration date on its label. Do not freeze.

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