What is HUMATE-P

HUMATE-P is a VWF/FVIII replacement therapy that delivers results, patient after patient, treatment after treatment, decade after decade, as proven by a US study of the hemostatic efficacy of HUMATE-P. Based on this study, an independent Data Safety Monitoring Board judged hemostatic efficacy as "effective in 94.3% of the perioperative study subjects."

HUMATE-P is a human plasma-derived von Willebrand factor (HP-VWF/FVIII) concentrate that:

  • Is approved for the treatment of VWD and for the prevention of excessive bleeding during and after surgery
  • Can be used for prevention of bleeding during and after surgery in all VWD types for all procedures
vials of HUMATE-P
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HP-VWF/FVIII Concentrate

HUMATE-P works by replacing the VWF/FVIII complex that is deficient or abnormal in patients with von Willebrand disease. The HP-VWF/FVIII concentrate is purified from pooled human plasma from many carefully screened plasma donors and contains the clotting proteins VWF and FVIII

vials of HUMATE-P

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